Personal projects

I'm currently contributing my time to the following communities:

  • Front-end Development South Africa (FEDSA)

    I manage the daily operations of this 3500+ member, non-profit organization. It was co-founded with two good friends, Justin Slack and Shailen Naidoo, in order to advocate for and support various efforts to improve the state of front-end development in South Africa.

  • ZA Tech and ZA Product Design

    I spend a fair bit of time attending to administrative tasks on both ZA Tech, a 14 000+ member Slack workspace used by the South Africa tech community at large, and it's sister workspace ZA Product Design.

  • Codebridge

    I co-manage this 1500+ member organisation alongside JD Bothma. Codebridge is an open-community exploring the intersection between technology and social good.

I've also contributed to the following open-source projects on Github:

I maintain the following open-source projects on Github/NPM:

  • Faker Extra

    Adds additional functionality and configuration options to the base Faker.js library.

  • Phasi

    A custom text notation used to describe and prototype nested state machines..


I'm currently teaching and/or doing course development at the following institutions:

I've written articles for the following publications:

  • CSS-Tricks
  • Prototypr
  • freeCodeCamp
  • Daily Maverick
  • Client-work

    I've consulted and/or worked alongside the following teams:

    I've also worked alongside some super-talented individuals:

    • Head of Tech

      “I worked with Schalk during my tenure as Head of Tech for RunwaySale. From the first interview you could tell that Schalk had expert knowledge about the web, and in particular the front-end.

      Schalk's thirst for knowledge and quest for producing great solutions was infectious.At the time RunwaySale was running on the Magento 1 platform, and Magento's frontend-templating system, is well-known for being unfriendly towards developers. Yet Schalk, having no Magento knowledge, led the re-design of the RunwaySale website.

      He invested in building a knowledgeable team, and promoted study courses which would up skill the frontend team.”

    • “It is an absolute pleasure having Schalk part of the team.

      Even though he is part-time, he takes extra care to fit within the team's culture and process - he also is equally committed to the success of the deliverables.The quality of his work has been exceptional. He has a keen eye for UI/UX, so he will not simply execute but give feedback on improvements that can be made.

      Lastly, the team has greatly appreciated having him involved seeing that he has extensive experience and knowledge of the latest trends, best practices and patterns, and a willingness to mentor others in these areas.”

    • “Schalk is extremely proficient in the technologies that he works with, but does not confine himself only to the technical aspect.

      Schalk takes the initiative to understand the bigger problem being solved and the use case of the task at hand and will take the lead to suggest implementations that may be more suitable.

      It is easy to see that he is passionate about his work. He is an easy individual to work with and brings value to every project that is fortunate to have his participation.”